We gave Ergochair’s latest innovation in ergonomic seating to one of our assessors James this week, the Ergo Drive. The catch however was he had to test the Ergo Drive’s robustness and comfort on a 13 hour round trip to a client in Belfast. 

Ergochair’s Ergo Drive works by attaching itself to any car seat or chair with two straps that go over the chair/seat and buckle up at the back, this stops it moving from side to side. A single strap at the top which stops it sliding up and down and two side panels in the middle of the back that fold inwards gently hugging the sides for stability whilst driving. 

As for support the Ergo Drive is fully customisable, simply unzip the side and reposition the air support cells which are attached with Velcro and place them where you need the support the most (Lumbar, Thoracic, and side supporting air cells).

The Ergo Drive by ErgoChair
The Ergo Drive by ErgoChair
The Ergo Drive by ErgoChair
The Ergo Drive by ErgoChair
‘’I honestly really liked the product; I did not want to give it back after the test! I could see how the Ergo Drive could benefit most people, long haul drivers or even parents just on the school run. I could especially see the benefit if the support in your car isn’t what it used to be, it sort of gives it a second lease of life where comforts concerned’’

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