• BakkerElkhuizen CityLite Compact Backpack 15.6″

    BakkerElkhuizen CityLite Compact Backpack 15.6″

    £49.99 ex Vat
    • Practical: With flexibility from backpack to laptop bag.
    • Protective: good protection for your laptop (up to 15,6″) and tablet.
    • Useful: detachable straps to convert the backpack into a laptop bag
    • Ergonomic: Even distribution of weight across your shoulders
    • Practical: Pockets to store whatever you need  for your work day. With a separate bottle holder.
  • BakkerElkhuizen CityLite Security Backpack 15.6″

    BakkerElkhuizen CityLite Security Backpack 15.6″

    £54.13 ex Vat
    • Security: all your valuables protected from theft.
    • Technology: anti-RFID pockets to protect your credit cards from being scanned.
    • Closed: no front access to your essentials. Zippers can be locked and it has secret pockets for valuables.
    • Safe: reflective stripes and a panic whistle.
    • Protection: a separate compartment to keep your laptop impact and scratch free.
    • Comfortable: padded shoulder straps to comfortably fit your shoulders.
  • BakkerElkhuizen CityLite Slipcase 15.6″

    BakkerElkhuizen CityLite Slipcase 15.6″

    £33.29 ex Vat
    • Compact: a slim and lightweight laptop shoulder bag.
    • Comfortable: soft handles and padded shoulder straps.
    • Features: Spacious main compartment for your laptop and a few documents, with a separate large front pocket holds your keys, phone and laptop accessories.
    • Compatibility: Laptops up to 15.6″
  • BakkerElkhuizen ErgoTraveller 15.6″

    BakkerElkhuizen ErgoTraveller 15.6″

    £91.63 ex Vat
    • Ergonomic: quickly and easily open your laptop directly from its case, and position your screen at a comfortable height.
    • Comfortable: keeps your legs cool for comfort when you place the laptop on your lap.
    • Carry-on luggage: ideal for customs, as it doesn’t need to be removed from the case for customs control.
    • Top design: exceptional, unique sleek design; fits laptops up to 15.6 inches.
    • Dual Functionality: 2-in-1 business laptop case and laptop stand.
  • BakkerElkhuizen Newport Backpack 15″

    BakkerElkhuizen Newport Backpack 15″

    £76.63 ex Vat
    • Protection: It protects your laptop (up to 15″) in a separate laptop pocket.
    • Practical: Three front pockets for your keys, wallet and mobile phone. Useful storage, with everything close at hand.
    • Adjustable: The shoulder straps of the backpack can be adjusted to comfortably fit your back.
    • Ergonomic: Reduces weight carried in your hands, by allowing the bag to be carried on your bag.
  • BakkerElkhuizen TCG717 rolling laptop trolley 17.3″

    BakkerElkhuizen TCG717 rolling laptop trolley 17.3″

    £116.63 ex Vat
    • Versatile: Suitable to transport both your personal and your business items.
    • Practical: Multiple compartments to properly store your belongings separately.
    • Large: The BakkerElkhuizen TCG717 case fits laptops up to 17.3″.
    • Materials: Soft, sturdy materials and a solid telescope arm.
    • Ergonomic: The telescope arm helps you easily transport the laptop and accessories.