Accuratus Upright Mouse

£33.33 ex Vat

  • USB ‘plug and play’ connection
  • Silver with soft black tactile rubberised surround
  • Ergonomic upright design
  • High resolution 1600dpi optical sensor
  • Smooth easy glide PTFE ‘Teflon’ feet
  • 3 Responsive buttons including scroll wheel

Product Description

The Accuratus Upright Mouse guides the position of your hand to a handshake position, making using the Upright Mouse very comfortable for people who work regularly on a computer.

The Accuratus Upright Mouse has 3 control buttons, including left and right click, and a scroll wheel for easy navigation of the internet and all your documents.

The handshake position of Accuratus Upright Mouse helps keep your wrist and your forearm from twisting to the side when using the mouse. This means that muscle activity in the forearm is less strenuous than when using a conventional mouse. Research has shown that the use of a vertical mouse ensures a faster recovery from forearm, wrist and hand complaints.

The Accuratus Upright Mouse is a high quality ergonomic mouse, which fits in your palm comfortably, while maintaining an upright position, keeping the bones in your arm straight, eliminating the uncomfortable twisted position caused by standard mice.

  • Name = Accuratus Upright Mouse
  • Number of buttons = 3
  • Resolution (cursor speed) = 800dpi
  • Plug & play = Yes
  • Cable length = 160 cm
  • Width = 64 mm
  • Length = 125mm
  • Height = 72 mm
  • Weight = 200 gr
  • Hand = Righthanded
  • Connection = USB cable