BakkerElkhuizen Ergo-Q 330 laptop stand

£74.95 ex Vat

  • 6 different height settings: height range from 11cm to 19 cm.
  • Easy laptop set-up: Built in document holder is pivotable.
  • Lightweight: Completely foldable, fits in any notebook case.
  • Material: ABS plastic and protective rubber feet.
  • Award winning design: Ergonomics Excellence Award.
  • Laptop sizes: Suitable for all laptops up to 17″.

Product Description

The BakkerElkhuizen Ergo-Q 330 is a slim, mobile laptop stand with 6 positions to adjust raise your laptop screen to the right height.
The Ergo-Q 330 laptop stand has an integrated document holder, so your documents are always aligned with your keyboard and screen, creating an ‘in-line’ workstation.
The Ergo-Q 330 is a lightweight, plastic laptop stand that allows you to do mobile work anytime while adopting a good or improving your work posture. With the Ergo-Q 330 you can set your screen to the right height, improving the viewing angle and reducing excessive neck strain. As a positive benefit you can experience fewer muscle and joint issues, and working with a laptop can be more comfortable.
The BakkerElkhuizen Ergo-Q 330 laptop stand is for laptops up to 17″” and fits into nearly any laptop case.”
Using the Ergo-Q 330 laptop stand in combination with an external keyboard and mouse can help increase your productivity. It can also significantly improve your posture, helping to reduce neck strain and increase your comfort. Your forearms are also in a more neutral position, which helps reduce the physical complaints.
BakkerElkhuizen advise working no longer than two hours a day with a laptop unless it is combined with a notebook stand with an external keyboard and mouse.

  • Name = Ergo-Q 330
  • Adjustment range = 11 – 19 cm
  • Number of angles = 6
  • Width = 228 mm
  • Height = 13 mm
  • Depth = 310 mm
  • Weight = 490 gr
  • Dimensions of laptop = 12 inch, 13-14 inch, 14 inch, 15 inch, 16-17 inch
  • Mobile = Yes
  • Document holder = Yes Integrated
  • Product code = BNEQ330