BakkerElkhuizen Evoluent Vertical Mouse C (Wireless)

£119.95 ex Vat

  • Ergonomic: Reduces the angle between wrist and hand for a more ergonomically responsible position.
  • Stylish: Modern design with a luxurious look.
  • Improved: Less convex shape fits the palm better.
  • Design: Longer buttons for a better grip.
  • Convenient: An integrated solution for immediately adjusting cursor speed.
  • Accurate: The Evoluent C provides speed and excellent accuracy.

Product Description

A mouse can cause problems in the wrists, arms and shoulders, which is why choosing a good mouse is important.

With a BakkerElkhuizen Evoluent Mouse C Wireless vertical mouse, you can prevent physical discomfort, as the mouse is held in a handshake position. There is less lateral wrist-bending and forearm rotation.

The handshake position of the BakkerElkhuizen Evoluent Mouse C Wireless vertical mice keeps the wrist from bending as much to the side, while the forearm also turns inward to a lesser degree . This means that your muscle activity in the forearm is less than it would be, when using a conventional mouse.

A vertical mouse like the Evoluent C Wireless relieves the wrists and forearms, because you hold the mouse in what looks like a handshake position (handshake motion). Your wrists will bend more naturally. The mouse is easy to get used to, and also wireless.

  • Name = Evoluent Mouse C Wireless
  • Operating system = Windows 7, 8, 10, OS X 10.5
  • Number of buttons = 5
  • Resolution (cursor speed)500/1000/1500/2000
  • Plug & play = Yes
  • Width = 94 mm
  • Height = 79 mm
  • Depth = 107 mm
  • Weight = 164 gr
  • Hand = Righthanded
  • Connection = Wireless
  • Product code = BNEEVRCW