BakkerElkhuizen Evoluent 3 Vertical Mouse

£80.95 ex Vat

  • Ergonomic: you adopt a natural posture, providing relief to the wrist and forearm.
  • Motion: the Evoluent 3 allows precise screen navigation.
  • Ease: you will quickly get used to this mouse while experiencing its great features.
  • Grip: the grip of the mouse ensures that it lies in your hand comfortably and stably.
  • Speed: It is easy and simple to adjust the cursor speed to your preferences. Connection: USB (Cable length:200 cm).

Product Description

We aren’t always aware of it, but the mouse is the most-used computer accessory. This is why it’s important to use the right mouse.

The BakkerElkhuizen Evoluent3 vertical mouse, makes you hold it in a handshake position. This is a natural posture and prevents unnatural wrist bending while providing relief to the forearms.

The handshake position of the BakkerElkhuizen Evoluent3 keeps the wrist from twisting as much to the side, while the forearm also turns inward to a lesser degree. This means that muscle activity in the forearm is less than it would be using a conventional mouse.

  • Name = Evoluent3 Right
  • Operating system = WinXP, Vista, Win7, Win8, OS X 10.5
  • Number of buttons 5
  • Resolution (cursor speed)800/1300/1800/2600 dpi
  • Plug & play = Yes
  • Cable length = 200 cm
  • Width = 114.5 mm
  • Height = 78 mm
  • Depth = 79 mm
  • Weight = 185 gr
  • Hand = Righthanded
  • Connection = With cable
  • Product code = BNEEVR