BakkerElkhuizen Evoluent4 (Wireless)

£119.95 ex Vat

  • Ergonomic: Supports your hand in a fully upright neutral handshake position, which eliminates forearm twisting.
  • Precise: True optical resolution sensor moves the pointer quickly to reduce hand movements, with short habituation time.
  • Grip: The BakkerElkhuizen Evoluent 4 Wireless has an improved grip, making it more comfortable for your thumb and little finger.
  • Adjustment: BakkerElkhuizen Evoluent 4, has built in convenient adjustment:of pointer speed.
  • BNEEVRSW: Evoluent4 Small Wireless version available.

Product Description

We use our mouse a lot throughout the day. It is therefore essential to use a high-quality ergonomic model.

This BakkerElkhuizen wireless Evoluent 4 is a vertical mouse. You hold the mouse in a “handshake” position.

The handshake position of BakkerElkhuizen wireless Evoluent 4 is a vertical mice, this keeps your wrist from bending as much to the side while the forearm also turns inward to a lesser degree. This means that your muscle activity in the forearm is less than it would be, when using a conventional mouse.

The BakkerElkhuizen wireless Evoluent 4 vertical mouse can prevent these issues. This model has a short acclimatisation period.

  • Name = Evoluent4 Wireless
  • Operating system = Windows 7, 8, 10, OS X 10.5
  • Number of buttons = 6
  • Resolution (cursor speed)800/1300/1800/2600 dpi
  • Plug & play = Yes
  • Rechargeable = No
  • Width = 88 mm
  • Height = 78.5 mm
  • Depth = 111 mm
  • Weight = 195 gr
  • Hand = Righthanded
  • Connection = Wireless
  • Product code = BNEEVR4W