BakkerElkhuizen FlexDesk 640N Document Holder

£129.95 ex Vat

  • Multifunctional: 2-in-1 stand and document holder.
  • Top quality: Satin worktop, smoothly gliding rails, pen container, solid (acrylate thickness 5 mm).
  • Ergonomic: Creating smaller viewing distances between document, screen and keyboard.
  • Simple: It is easy to adjust the height, which gives you a good connection with the screen.
  • Practical: Not only can you work in alignment and make notes, you never have to lose your pens.

Product Description

When computer users often use documents working at the computer, your body is often subjected to excessive strain because these documents are spread all over your desk. With the flexible BakkerElkhuizen FlexDesk 640N document holder you can easily alternate between writing and computer work, to help improve your working posture.
By working in alignment (‘in-line’), you help reduce excessive strain on your neck and shoulders. The BakkerElkhuizen FlexDesk 640N allows you to optimise the space between your screen and your keyboard.
By using the FlexDesk 640N document holder, you have a greater overview and an uncluttered desk, which can increase your concentration and even leads to higher productivity.
By using the FlexDesk 640N you can help prevent neck rotation. To do this, documents have to be placed between the keyboard and display screen. The FlexDesk 640N’s sloping work surface reduces flex in your neck and can improve you workstation comfort.
The FlexDesk 640N document holder provides a functional work surface and creates short viewing distances between the document, screen and keyboard, often increasing your productivity.

  • Name = FlexDesk 640N
  • Number of angles = 3
  • Setting range = 110 – 180 mm
  • Width = 515 mm
  • Height = 110 mm
  • Depth = 380 mm
  • Weight = 2.2 kg
  • Type of work surface = Slideable
  • Adjustable = Yes
  • Material = Clear
  • Width = > 500 mm
  • Product code = BNEFDESK640