BakkerElkhuizen FlexDoc Cristal Clear Document Holder

£54.95 ex Vat

  • Ergonomic: reduces neck complaints and eye problems. Your work will be easier and faster.
  • Aligned workstation: the document holder is placed between the screen and the keyboard, preventing unnecessary head and neck motions.
  • Multifunctional: suitable for fixed as well as flex workspaces.

Product Description

With the BakkerElkhuizen FlexDoc Cristal Clear document holder, you can work in alignment with your keyboard and screen, limiting strain to your neck and shoulders. Besides helping to reduce physical discomfort, you can work more comfortably and your productivity can increase.
Another advantage is that with the compact FlexDoc Cristal Clear document holder, you can save desk space. Your documents will not lie spread all over the desk but rather straight in front of you. The FlexDoc Cristal Clear document holder is easy to adjust to the right viewing angle, and ideal for flex as well as fixed workspaces.
The FlexDoc Cristal Clear helps to prevent neck rotation, by placing the document holder between the keyboard and display screen. A sloping work surface helps to reduce flex of the neck and can increase your workstation comfort.
An ‘in-line’ document holder such as the FlexDoc Cristal Clear provides a functional work surface and helps create a short viewing distance between the document, screen and keyboard. Often the result is increased productivity.

  • Name = FlexDoc Cristal Clear
  • Number of angles = 5
  • Setting range = 80 – 130 mm
  • Width = 384 mm
  • Height = 70 mm
  • Depth = 260 mm
  • Weight = 850 gr
  • Type of work surface = Fixed
  • Adjustable = Yes
  • Material = Clear
  • Width = < 400 mm
  • Product code = BNEFDCC