BakkerElkhuizen HandShoe Mouse Wireless

£119.95 ex Vat

  • Comfort: Low muscle tension due to relaxed fingers and wrist posture.
  • Six versions: Right and left handed, with 3 sizes: distance to measure is wrist to top of ring.
  • Mouse to hand size: Up to 170 mm: Small, 170 – 190 mm: Medium, 190 -210 mm: Large.
  • Handy: 2 buttons at an ergonomic position and a scroll wheel.
  • Ergonomics: Mouse that fits like a glove.

Product Description

The BakkerElkhuizen HandShoe Mouse Wireless, is a special mouse design. With this mouse there is less lateral wrist-bending and less inward forearm rotation.
This results in the BakkerElkhuizen HandShoe Mouse Wireless, creating less muscle activity in the forearm than with a standard mouse. Your hand will lie relaxed on the mouse.
In other words, with the HandShoe Mouse Wireless you do not have to hold or grab the mouse. This wireless version ensures that your hand, thumb and fingers are supported in an optimal, relaxed position. Plus, there is no friction between the skin of your hand and the desktop

  • Name = HandShoe Mouse Wireless
  • Operating system = Windows 7 / 8 / 10 ; MacOS 9 or MacOS X ; Unix ; Linux
  • Number of buttons = 3
  • Resolution (cursor speed) = 1500 dpi
  • Plug & play = Yes
  • Rechargeable = Yes
  • Righthanded Small Wireless = BNEP170RW
  • Righthanded Medium Wireless = BNEP190RW
  • Righthanded Large Wireless = BNEP210RW
  • Lefthanded Small Wireless = BNEP170LW
  • Lefthanded Medium Wireless = BNEP190LW
  • Lefthanded Large Wireless = BNEP210LW