BakkerElkhuizen Q-note 350 Laptop Stand

£54.95 ex Vat

  • 7 height settings: Height range adjustments between 11 – 23 cm.
  • Transparent Material: Clear acrylic design.
  • Suitable: Ideal for notebooks from 14″-20″.
  • Cable management: Clip on backside.

Product Description

The BakkerElkhuizen Q-Note 350 laptop stand is height adjustable and has a beautiful, clear acrylate design.
The Q-Note 350 mobile laptop stand has 7 positions to help set your laptop to the right height, these adjustments range from 11 to 23 cm. With this laptop stand you will not be bothered by loose accessory cables. You can hide them nicely with the integrated back clip.
The Q-Note 350 is for laptops with a maximum screen size of 20 inches. Using a notebook stand in combination with an external keyboard and mouse can help increase productivity by 17%.
The Q-Note 350 can also significantly improve your sitting posture. Neck strain can also be reduced and your comfort improved. Your forearms will be in a more neutral position and physical complaints can be substantially reduced with better workstation posture.
BakkerElkhuizen advise working no longer than two hours a day with a laptop unless it is combined with a notebook stand with an external keyboard and mouse.

  • Name = Q-note 350
  • Adjustment range = 11 – 23 cm
  • Number of angles = 7
  • Width = 350 mm
  • Height = 120 mm
  • Depth = 280 mm
  • Weight = 630 gr
  • Dimensions of laptop = 12 inch, 13-14 inch, 14 inch, 15 inch, 16-17 inch up to 20”
  • Product code = BNEQNOTE350