BakkerElkhuizen Q-riser 50 Monitor Riser

£41.95 ex Vat

  • Design: A high-quality build and appearance.
  • Ergonomic: The Q-Riser 50 Monitor stand enables you to obtain the correct working height easily.
  • Cable management: Your monitor cord is neatly stowed.
  • Standard height: 5.5 cm. Perfect for flat-screen displays with their own integrated height-adjustable support.
  • Material: Clear acrylate, this eight-millimetre-thick acrylate provides a sturdy and stable base.
  • Load capacity: Maximum 16 kg

Product Description

The Q-riser 50 is the latest addition to BakkerElkhuizen’s range of monitor stands. Many people use large monitors these days, such as 24-inch models, the supports of which are considerably bigger and heavier.
When developing the Q-Riser 50 monitor stand, BakkerElkhuizen took the size of the support into account and designed the monitor stand accordingly.
The Q-Riser 50 lets you raise your screen just enough to put it at the optimal viewing height, helping to prevent excessive strain on the muscles in your neck and shoulders.
The Q-riser 50 is an ergonomic monitor stand suitable for flatscreens and has a maximum load capacity of 15kg. There is enough space under the Q-riser 50 to stow your compact keyboard.

  • Name = Q-riser 50
  • Number of angles = 1
  • Width = 372 mm
  • Height = 53 mm
  • Depth = 281 mm
  • Weight = 1.1 kg
  • Type monitor = Flatscreen
  • Adjustable = No
  • Product code = BNEQR50