BakkerElkhuizen Tilde Pro Premium

£284.95 ex Vat

  • 3 microphones: Ensures crystal clear conversations, even in noisy rooms.
  • Confidential: The conversation is completely noise-free at both ends of the line.
  • Unique: Signal processing algorithm that separates your voice from noise.
  • Suppress noise: Enjoy the most natural noise reduction while you choose how much ambient noises you want to let in.
  • Collaborate easily: Tilde Pro uses a unique signal processing algorithm that separates voice from noise.
  • Interchange earpads: You can adjust the headset for optimised comfort using; over-earpads (for maximum comfort) or in-ear pads (enhancing lightness and mobility).

Product Description

Tilde Pro Premium ANC office headset from Bakker, provides one of the best noise-free communication and calls headsets, for your workplace.
The BakkerElkhuizen Tilde Pro Premium patented active noise-cancelling technology (ANC), offers noise cancelling up to -30dB.
The Tilde Pro ensure crystal clear calls, even in noisy spaces. The conversation is totally noise-free on both ends of the line. This ensures confidential calls for you and the person you’re calling with. The Tilde Pro also uses a unique signal processing algorithm, which separates your voice from background noise. With one press you start a face-to-face conversation while ambient noises stay turned down.
The Tilde Pro is very suitable for working in call centres or people who frequently make and receive calls in busy office environments. The noise problem is tackled with the Tilde Pro, with the ANC technology.
Tilde Pro with active noise cancelling, are headphones that reduce unwanted ambient noise. This differs from normal headphones, which, when they reduce ambient noise at all, use techniques such as sound isolation.
Lower your voice with the Tilde Pro, due to being able to filter out the ambient noise. Because you are no longer bothered by ambient noise, you don’t have to speak loudly and the volume in the room will automatically drop. Your colleagues and the person you’re calling with are less affected by ambient noise.
Detachable microphone on the Tilde Pro is a high quality, detachable boom-microphone. If necessary, you can easily detach the microphone thanks to the patented magnetic attach system.
The Tilde Pro also features interchange earpads. This means you can use one Tilde Pro within a team of multiple employees, where each can adjust their headset for optimised comfort using; over-earpads (for maximum comfort) or in-ear pads (enhancing lightness and mobility).

  • Name = Tilde Pro Premium
  • Width = 165 mm
  • Height = 188 mm
  • Depth = 70 mm
  • Weight = 215 gr
  • Product code = BNETPNCOH