ErgoChair actyv™ Seat Wedge Coccyx Cut-Out

£60.00 ex Vat

Ergochair have designed the actyv™ support cushion to be lightweight, without sacrificing quality or comfort! By designing a built in webbing carry handle, it is easy to take this seating support cushion with you, wherever you go. From your home to supporting your favourite sports team, you can experience an improved seating experience with actyv™ Coccyx Cut-Out Wedge, as it delivers a firm ‘sit’ and reliable coccyx relief.

  • actyv™ Quality: Superior memory foam and quality produced for longer support.
  • Portable: Lightweight with a built in carry handle, ready to go wherever you sit.
  • Comfort: adds comfort to your chair, while still providing a firm supportive sitting experience.
  • Individual: Custom sizing can be available by request.

Product Description

ErgoChair actyv™ Coccyx Cut-Out Wedge delivers a firm ‘sit’ and reliable coccyx relief.
Like all of ErgoChairs actyv™ products, the Coccyx Cut-Out Wedge has been created to allow you to take your seating comfort with you wherever you go, wherever you sit.
ErgoChair have even designed and attached a webbing carry handle to help with this and being made from superior materials including a layer of memory foam as standard, the Coccyx Cut-Out Wedge has your comfort and support as its priority.

  • Seat Width: 400 mm
  • Seat Depth: 400 mm
  • Wedge Height: 90 mm
  • Order Code: COCCYXWEDGE