ErgoChair actyv™ Reactive Lumbar Support

£85.00 ex Vat

If you find that your lumbar area can become sore while you are working or studying, Ergochair’s actyv™ REactive Support could be the answer for your comfort. You can retrofit this to the majority of chairs to help improve your posture, comfort and even productivity. The compact lightweight nature allows you to take the actyv™ air support cell, wherever you go. It is quick to setup and inflate.

  • actyv™ Quality: Superior memory foam and quality, produces a long life air support cell.
  • Portable: Lightweight, ready to go wherever you sit.
  • Comfort: Helps you improve your posture and comfort while sat in your chair.

Product Description

The ErgoChair actyv™Reactive Lumbar Support features a triple-chamber air cell, where the air squishes and reacts between each cell to provide continued support, even as you move.
Like all ErgoChair actyv™ products, the Reactive Lumbar Support has been created to allow you to take seating comfort with you wherever you go, where ever you sit.
The Reactive Lumbar Support’s adjustable webbing strap with clip buckle, makes it compatible with most seats, allowing you to attach it to whichever chair you happen to be in.
The Reactive Lumbar Support is inflated and deflated with the hand pump bulb in just a few seconds. Made from superior materials including a layer of memory foam as standard, helping to maximise your comfort and support.

  • Reactive Support Height: 300 mm
  • Reactive Support Width: 300 mm
  • Order Code: REACTLUM