Ergochair ErgoDriver Back Support

£215.00 ex Vat

  • ErgoDriver is the latest innovation in ergonomic seating for your vehicle.
  • Will fit a wide range of vehicles
  • Easy to fit and customise
  • Secure – with a 3-clip, 2-strap system to stop movement when driving
  • Supportive – with fully customisable inflatable air support cell positions.
  • Lightweight, making the ErgoDriver portable.



Product Description

Ergochair’s ErgoDriver is the latest innovation in ergonomic seating for your vehicle. The ErgoDriver will fit to most car seats including (but not exclusively); Cars, Vans, LGV’s, HGV’s, Coaches and industrial vehicles.

Ergochair’s ErgoDriver offers brilliant adaptable back support while you are driving. It is easily attached and removed from your car seat, with the 3-clip system and two straps that go over the chair/seat and buckle up at the back, this stops it moving from side to side. A single strap which attached to the headrest, at the top which stops it sliding up and down and two side panels in the middle of the back that fold inwards gently hugging the sides for stability whilst driving. All this keeps your ErgoDriver stable and it does not move once attached to your seat.

The support provided by the ErgoDriver is fully adaptable to your needs. Simply unzip the side of the ErgoDriver and reposition the inflatable air support cells, which are attached with Velcro, and place them where you need the support the most.

The ErgoDriver Includes 1 air cell as standard, with a choice from three inflatable air support cells available, including;

  • Lumber air support cell.
  • Triple reactive air cell.
  • Full set air support cells.

The air support cells combined with the Ergochair’s VE Memory foam, make the ErgoDriver comfortable and supportive for any length of drive.

It is Possible to fit the ErgoDriver to other chairs, so once at our destination you can take it with you to use the benefits of continued support.


Dimensions when flat:

  • Height = 630mm
  • Top Width = 580mm
  • Base Width = 300mm
  • Depth = 25mm
  • Weight = 1400g

Pricing starts from the Listed Price, the price will increase depending on; finishes, components and extras. Please contact us for further information.