BakkerElkhuizen ErgoTraveller 15.6″

£91.63 ex Vat

  • Ergonomic: quickly and easily open your laptop directly from its case, and position your screen at a comfortable height.
  • Comfortable: keeps your legs cool for comfort when you place the laptop on your lap.
  • Carry-on luggage: ideal for customs, as it doesn’t need to be removed from the case for customs control.
  • Top design: exceptional, unique sleek design; fits laptops up to 15.6 inches.
  • Dual Functionality: 2-in-1 business laptop case and laptop stand.

Product Description

When you are on the go, you can often use our laptop for short bursts of work, taking a less ergonomic posture, which can cause problems.

The BakkerElkhuizen ErgoTraveller is a unique ergonomic laptop case, which allows you to quickly and easily work on your laptop right from the case, when you’re on the go.

The BakkerElkhuizen ErgoTraveller is a 2-in-1 business laptop case and laptop stand, providing a comfortable and ergonomically angled laptop stand, for laptops up to 15.6”.

The BakkerElkhuizen ErgoTraveller helps you place your laptop screen at a better height. This smart case is also equipped with extra support for the wrists. It is a compact case with a modern and functional design

Ergonomic experts advise not carrying bags weighing more than 4 to 6.4 kg with your hands, depending on factors such as distances and the frequency of your journey.

The weight of a bag containing a laptop is usually between 4 and 7 kilos. If a person often has to walk long distances, a trolley or backpack is a good ergonomic solution. (see related products)


  • Name = BakkerElkhuizen ErgoTraveller
  • Width = 391 mm
  • Height = 374 mm
  • Depth = 64 mm
  • Weight = 1.8 kg
  • Type = Bag
  • Laptop measure = 12’’, 13”, 14’’, 15” (maximum 15.6” laptop)
  • Product code = BNEET