BakkerElkhuizen Footform Dual footrest

£129.13 ex Vat

Dual-version: height adjustable 4 to 30 cm, footplate width 45cm, footplate depth 39cm.

Ergonomic: steady, safe and has anti-slip layer.

User Friendly: with the red button allowing easy height adjustment.

Product Description

Footrests are essential for people who are not able to sit with their feet flat on the floor, when the rest of their workstation has been set up to support a good posture. This happens often in the workplace, with fixed height desks. The Footform Dual will help you promote a good sitting posture during desk/computer work.

The Footform Dual footrest is easy to assemble, adjust and has an anti-slip layer. With the only two screws, instructions and Alan key provided, it takes just minutes to have the Footform Dual set up and ready for use.

The height of the Footform Dual is adjustable from two levels, the low level from 4 to 17 cm and the high level from 17 to 30 cm. This footrest also has an anti-slip layer so your feet do not slide off it.

A good footrest is advised to be at least 45 cm wide and 35 cm deep. It’s adjustable range should be at least 11 cm as measured from the floor surface. The slope of the support surface must be adjustable from 5 to at least 15 degrees.


Name = Footform Dual

Width = 450 mm

Height = 430 mm

Depth = 390 mm

Weight = 6.5 kg

Sort = Foot adjustment

Adjustable range = 4 – 30 cm

Product code = BNEFFD