BakkerElkhuizen Goldtouch Travel Go2

£169.95 ex Vat

Adaptable: the continuous vertical and horizontal adjustment, allows a set-up for your individual needs.

Adjustable angle: 0°– 30° adjustment along the horizontal and vertical plane, allowing for a more comfortable typing position.

Ergonomic: shorter reaching distance to your mouse, almost noiseless typing,  normal sized keys and a large space bar. The light letters on the dark background reduce eye strain.

Mobile: compact size, completely foldable and easily stored.

Product Description

The Goldtouch Travel Go2 is an ergonomic keyboard that you can split and adjust with ease, improving your working posture.

The Goldtouch Travel Go2 is easy to adjust, having a range between 0 and 30 degrees. Allowing your hand, wrist and forearm muscles to be more relaxed. This compact keyboard does not have a numeric pad. For this reason, the mouse can be placed closer to the keyboard. This can result in greater comfort as it reduces the reaching distance to the mouse, which also results in less strain on the shoulder and forearm.

This innovative keyboard has a normal key size, with soft touch keys, which allows you to type silently and comfortably. With light letters on a dark background design, the keys become easier to read (ISO 9241) and can contribute to increased productivity for the user.

This keyboard is perfect for mobile professionals who are often on the road and was specially developed for mobile workspaces. The compact keyboard design is foldable and will fit easily in your laptop case/bag.

There are two models of the Goldtouch Travel Go2, the Wired and Wireless version. The Wireless version with its Bluetooth technology makes it easy to connect to all mobile devices, including your tablet.


  • Name = Goldtouch Travel Go2
  • Cable length = 150 cm
  • Drivers = Plug & Play
  • Width = 343 mm
  • Height = 22.9 mm
  • Depth = 152 mm
  • Weight = 500 gr
  • Sort = Adjustable
  • Wired = Yes
  • Mobile = Yes
  • With USB Hub = No
  • Key stroke = Laptop keys
  • UK Layout = BNEGTTUK


  • Name = Goldtouch Travel Go2 Bluetooth (£225.54 inc VAT)
  • Rechargeable = Yes
  • Drivers = Pair & Play
  • Width = 343 mm
  • Height = 25 mm
  • Depth = 143 mm
  • Weight = 500 gr
  • Sort = Adjustable, Compact / Mini
  • Wired = No
  • Mobile = Yes
  • With USB Hub = No
  • Key stroke = Laptop keys
  • UK Layout = BNEGTTBUK