BakkerElkhuizen Goldtouch Adjustable V2 Keyboard

£159.95 ex Vat

Adaptable: continuous vertical and horizontal adjustment, allows a set-up for your individual needs.

Ergonomic:  Reduced size, comfortable and almost noiseless typing, with light letters on a dark background helping to reduce eye strain.

Keys on the left side: better allocation of work between left and right arm.

Connectivity: Wired and Bluetooth

Product Description

As the second generation the Goldtouch Adjustable V2 (split keyboard) allows adjustable setting of width and height, bringing your hand, wrist and arm into a more natural position than with a traditional keyboard.

Also the Goldtouch Adjustable V2 has a light key touch, allowing you to type more comfortably and quietly. This compact keyboard does not have a numeric pad. For this reason, the mouse can be placed closer to the keyboard. Working with a compact keyboard results in greater comfort because it reduces the reaching distance to the mouse, which puts less strain on the shoulder and forearm.

The Light letters on a dark background make them easier to read (ISO 9241). The keyboard has an integrated numeric portion and is smaller than a traditional keyboard. With all these attributes combined it leads to increased productivity.

This keyboard encourages correct wrist and forearm alignment, reducing muscle tension. This can increase comfort for the user in comparison with traditional keyboards, as traditionally the keys are positioned flat or straight, which encourages an unnatural posture of the wrists, hands and forearms when typing.

With two models; wired and wireless, the Goldtouch Travel Go2 with its Bluetooth technology is easy to connect to all mobile devices, including devices like your tablet.


  • Name = Goldtouch Adjustable V2
  • Cable length = 175 cm
  • Drivers = Plug & Play
  • Width = 388 mm
  • Height = 25 mm
  • Depth = 178 mm
  • Weight = 1.2 kg
  • Sort = Adjustable
  • Wired = Yes
  • Bluetooth model available
  • Mobile = No
  • Integrated with USB Hub = No
  • Key stroke = Desktop keys
  • UK Layout = BNEGTBUK

Additional Information

Weight 1.496 kg
Dimensions 41.2 × 17.1 cm