Nomique Home Fit Desk

£589.00 ex Vat

The transformation from an anonymous cabinet into a fully functional workstation can be done quickly and easily by opening the doors and folding up the worktop.

The worktop also contains the controls for height adjustment.

It is adjustable in height between 68 and 118 cm frame.

The frame and height adjustment are made of black metal with an aluminium handle.

The doors are fitted with castors for stability and easy opening.

It comes with a convenient metal storage tray for laptops and other accessories.

The HomeFit© is delivered in a cardboard box fully assembled.

Product Description


Covid-19 has changed most aspects of our lives in some way or another, none more so than the way we work. With more and more people having to work from home some will opt for a more traditional office setup of a desk, chair, monitor, keyboard and mouse. Nomique understands however that not everybody has the luxury of space, so they developed the HomeFit. With a width of only 105cm and a depth of 30cm, Nomique’s Homefit is no bigger than a shoe cabinet or large suitcase. Nomique’s HomeFit has all the benefits of an ergonomic sit/stand desk, that can be compactly stored away in its stylish casing that will guarantee it fits seamlessly into any living room.