BakkerElkhuizen Honeycomb Desk

£899.90 ex Vat

  • Multi-functional: Suitable for a variety of uses, can be linked with other tables easily
  • Easy: Can be adjusted in height with a central button (range 60.5 – 126.5 cm).
  • Diameter: 90 centimetres
  • Long Battery Life: With 85 Height adjustments to each Charge
  • Battery Powered: The Rechargeable Battery allows the Honeycomb to be wire free, when moving around the workplace.

Pricing starts from the Listed Price, the price will increase depending on; finishes, components and extras. Please contact us for further information.

Product Description

If as a business, you want to make the most of an agile working space, then your working environment also needs to be flexible in design. This often means you need to create different office spaces with facilities that suit different activities. BakkerElkhuizen Honeycomb was designed with this flexibility in mind. A multi-functional, flexible sit stand table

The BakkerElkhuizen Honeycomb is suitable for various purposes. The Honeycomb allows you to switch between sitting and standing during a meeting or consultation, or when brainstorming in a meeting. Its six-angled shape makes it easy for you to push the tables together.

BakkerElkhuizen’s Honeycomb standard version is a beech tabletop with a black base. You can also order a white tabletop and/or grey base.

The BakkerElkhuizen Honeycomb has the battery and power cable included. The power cable is used to charge the battery so that you can operate the table wirelessly.

Ergonomic Experts say switching between sitting and standing while working creates more variation in the working posture throughout the day. This leads to less discomfort within the back, neck and shoulders compared to a regular work table.

  • Width = 900 mm
  • Height = 605 mm
  • Depth = 900 mm
  • Weight = 57.5 kg
  • Adjustable range = range 60.5 cm to 126.5 cm
  • Long life = 85 height adjustments to each charge
  • Product code = BNEHCT

Multi-functional: The BakkerElkhuizen Honeycomb table is suitable for a variety of uses. Its 90 cm diameter allows you to easily move the table around to create any setup of your choice: meeting, seminar, lunch or drinks. No problem at all – this table is suitable for all events.

Easy: The BakkerElkhuizen Honeycomb table height can easily be adjusted. Use the button in the centre of the table top to create heights from 60.5 cm to 126.5 cm and everything in between.

Mobile: The BakkerElkhuizen Honeycomb table can be moved around the space by using the battery, which has a led indicator to display the battery charge status. When the battery is running low, an acoustic alarm sounds.

Shape: The BakkerElkhuizen Honeycomb is named after its shape, which in itself makes it a remarkable table, but it also makes it suitable for modular use.

Battery: 1 fully charged battery allows you to adjust the height for up to 85 times, without the need for cables attached to the table.

Setups: Combining several BakkerElkhuizen Honeycomb tables allows you to create a variety of setups and shapes


Pricing starts from the Listed Price, the price will increase depending on; finishes, components and extras. Please contact us for further information.

Additional Information

Weight 57.5 kg
Dimensions 900 × 900 × 605 cm