Hood Seating V46

£520.00 ex Vat

  • Thoracic Support (upper back & shoulders)
  • Floating lumbar and pelvic supports
  • Height adjustable back support on 5-lock ratchet
  • Direct tension control
  • Dual pivot mechanism
  • Waterfall seat for behind the knee comfort
  • Multi-functional 3D adjustable arms
  • Optional extras; Large executive headrest and Optional integrated footrest
  • Pictorial buttons make the V46 simple and easy to adjust

The listed price is for the standard level chair, for quotes about different options or additional extras, please contact us for more information.

Product Description

Hood Seating’s V46 has stylish design and innovative back while delivering; form, function and value.

Hood Seating’s V46 offers an organic and responsive chair to suit any environment, boasting BS 5459. Its patented floating lumbar and pelvic support system and intuitive controls, provides continuous support and dynamic movement making the V46 a great value, contemporary seating solution

The V46 is designed to support a healthy posture. With the V46’s engineered flexibility, automatic floating lumbar support, infinite locking tilt positions, back-height adjustment, seat slide and multi-functional adjustable armrests. The V46 also features a responsive mesh back with stylish aluminium detailing and star base.

The V46’s stylish back delivers consistent comfort and support. Designed to encourage dynamic movement, it supports your entire back in any tilt position.

The V46’s back height can be set in five positions and can be easily adjusted to fit all users. The V46’s split back is designed to deliver independent upper back support as well as, ensuring the patented lumbar system protects the lower regions of your back. This helps to keep your pelvis rotated, for a better seated posture. The extendable direct tension control adjusts the resistance of the chair to comfortably balance users weighing from 8 to 23.5 stone.

The V46 boasts one of the most intuitive knee tilt mechanisms on the market. With three easy to use controls on the right-hand side, which operate; seat height, seat depth and advanced dynamic movement. The first articulation point is positioned at the underside of the thighs and the second articulated point under the sitting bones, delivering constant support in active mode and reducing the pressure on the underside of the user’s thighs.

The V46 is fitted with an aluminium five-star base as standard. The V46 can be enhanced with an Executive headrest. The V46’s multifunctional arms allow you to adjust armrest length and height, while the angle of the armrest pads can also be adjusted to suit your needs.

The V46’s arms can be removed easily leaving the design uncompromised and safe for use. Another useful additional feature on the V46, is a coat hanger which can be attachment to the back of the chair keeping jackets and coats uncrumpled and safely off the floor.

The V46 has a Large Executive Headrest available as an optional extra. If you are interested in this feature, it must be specified when ordering the V46, as it is not possible to retro fit this optional extra.

The listed price is for the standard level chair, for quotes about different options or additional extras, please contact us for more information.