Nomique B08 Perching stool

£249.00 ex Vat

  • Helps maintain better posture in a Sit-Stand workstation.
  • Comfortable and supportive seating pad.
  • Movement mechanism.
  • Adjustable in height, with a range from 54 to 84 cm.

Product Description

The Nomique B08 is a movement perching stool, to help you maintain a better posture at your Sit-Stand workstation.

The B08 is a very comfortable perching stool, which is equipped with a movement mechanism. The B08’s movement mechanism is securely fixed at the base gas stem to the base plate. This allows the B08 to move intuitively from the base of the stool and keep the seat pad support with you in any direction.

This makes the B08 a user friendly experience, creating a much more natural posture.

The B08 perching stool is adjustable in height, with a range from 54 to 84 cm. The B08’s adjustment is easily adjusted by squeezing the ring under the seat.

The B08’s circular seat pad is 39cm wide by 8cm deep, with a base footprint of 40cm.