Score Steady Sit-Stand Perching Stool

£309.17 ex Vat

  • A Durable polyurethane seat
  • Comfort with ergonomic support.
  • Polished aluminium base
  • Strong and stable Sit-Stand stool.
  • Easy to fold, store and transport

Product Description

This Score Sit-Stand Steady Stool provides a solution for your Sit-Stand workstations. The Score Steady is perfect for workplaces where there is a lack of leg space around your workstation.

The Score Steady is easily adjustable, meaning finding the correct height is simple, for both standing and sitting at your workstation. This means the you are able to work comfortably and without strain.

The Score Steady Sit-Stand Stool has an ergonomic design which provides support for varied weights and is highly stable whilst standing with its adjustable seat height and seat angle features. The Score Steady’s seat can be tilted forward to create a more comfortable perching platform.

The Score Steady is suitable for work surface heights between 800mm to1000 mm. With its bold out base/legs, the Score Steady can be easily stored in low space areas. It also makes the Score Steady easy to transport.

With its incorporated footrests, the Score Steady is more comfortable at height, than its competitors. The footrests provide support for the feet, helping to take strain of the legs.


  • Seat width: 350 mm
  • Seat depth: 250 mm
  • Seat height: 640-820 mm
  • Backrest height: 150 mm
  • Backrest width: 120mm
  • Base width front: 400mm
  • Base width back: 450mm
  • Footrest length: 150mm
  • Product Weight: 16 kg

Maximum user weight: 120 kg (19 stone)