Standivarius Aero Evo Laptop Stand

£58.86 ex Vat

The mobile ergonomic work place created by Standivarius Aero Evo, is a slim laptop stand, with Standivarius’ guarantee of a high quality product.

  • Innovative concept for attaching the stand to the laptop, which fits the majority of laptops.
  • Light and thin: Only 190gr, and 2.5mm think when flat.
  • Height adjustability: 5 degrees of inclination, up to 50 degrees.
  • Excellent built: High grade aircraft aluminium, with Standivarius product quality.

Product Description

The Standivarius Aero Evo is the thinnest, lightest and highest-elevation attachable laptop stand / notebook riser currently available in the Standivarius range.

The Aero Evo is an attachable laptop stand, this style of stand has been around for a while, but none can achieve a high elevation and stability, while remaining at the same time just 2.5mm thick. This is what makes Standivarius’ Aero Evo the right solution for a truly mobile user.

The Standivarius Aero Evo connects easily to the bottom of the laptop and stays securely there as long as you want. The Aero Evo is there day after day, becoming one with your laptop, so you have the same mobility you are used to, at any workstation. The Aero Evo naturally compliments your laptop as if this ergonomic interface was built into your laptops base.

The Aero Evo laptop stand can also be easily detached, in case you need access to the underside of your laptop, then reattached with equal ease. There is; no setup, no cables and no straps. Just freedom of movement. When attached it takes merely 2 seconds to open or close your stand.

You will be truly surprised by just how thin and lightweight the Standivarius Aero Evo really is. The 2.5mm thickness and 190gr in weight, give you all the reasons to be surprised. Because the Aero Evo is made of aircraft grade aluminium alloy, the strength and stability are the same as of other much bigger and heavier stands.

The 5 elevation adjustments of the Standivarius Aero Edge, are easy to interchange, so you can find the correct and comfortable workstation height for you. When you switch work desk or chair, Aero Evo can immediately respond to your new workstation.

Raising the top of your screen to eyes level insures an improved ergonomic posture. Within just a few hours of using the Standivarius Aero Evo, you can feel an ease in neck and upper back strains. Research has shown that extensive use of Aero Evo stand ,along with a keyboard and mouse further reduces strain in the shoulders, arms and wrist.

  • Standivarius Aero Evo: For laptops with 12″-17″ in screens
  • Size when folded flat: 211mm x 238mm x 2.5 mm
  • Weight: 190g
  • Colour: natural aluminium
  • Maximum inclination: 50 degrees
  • Number of Adjustments: 5 adjustments