Standivarius Oryx Evo D Laptop Stand

£58.86 ex Vat

The mobile ergonomic work place created by Standivarius Oryx Evo D, is a slim laptop stand with an integrated document holder, with Standivarius’ guarantee of a high quality product,

  • True mobility: 220gr, approximately the size of an A4 sheet of paper when folded flat.
  • The thinnest on the market: Folding flat to a staggering 2.5mm.
  • Extended height adjustability: 4 adjustments, maximum inclination of 45 degrees.
  • Ergonomics at its high: Screen being raised by a minimum of 200mm.
  • Space-saving structure: Minimal space required on your desk.
  • Fully functional document holder: For books and loose sheets of paper.

Product Description

Standivarius Oryx Evo D is the thinnest and lightest portable laptop and notebook stand currently available. Also available as Standivarius Oryx Evo E – low angle, high elevation laptop stand with document holder.

Designed to be light and mobile, the Standivarius Oryx Evo D stands out, through its design and user experience. Standivarius’ Oryx Evo D is a slim, light and portable laptop stand, with an integrated document holder, it help you creates a mobile ergonomic work place.

The Standivarius Oryx Evo D laptop stand combines the best of design, innovation and user experience. It weighs as little as 220g and folds flat to a mere 2.5 mm easily fitting into any bag.

The Oryx Evo D laptop stand’s incorporated document holder allows you to place a document or a book in an ergonomic reading position. The Standivarius Oryx Evo D has 4 available height adjustments to help make this laptop stand a real ergonomic office helper.

Oryx Evo D, like every Standivarius product, is built with the utmost care and concern for the user and the environment.

  • Model: Oryx Evo D
  • Colours available: natural aluminium
  • Net weight: 220g
  • Size (when flat): 308mm x 206mm x 2.5 mm
  • Footprint: 220mm x 206mm
  • Maximum adjustment : 45 degrees
  • Inclination adjustments: 4
  • Document holder: Built in