Standivarius Oryx Evo E Laptop Stand

£49.05 ex Vat

  • Suitable for laptops with restricted opening angle, up to 15” screen.
  • Only 280gr in weight.
  • Folds flat and includes a fabric carry-sleeve.
  • Superb screen elevation, with 5 height/angle adjustments.
  • Integral in-line document holder.
  • Sturdy and stable design, with Standivarius’ guarantee of a high quality product.

Product Description

The Standivarius Oryx Evo E is a high elevation laptop stand, with 5 adjustable settings, capable of supporting up to 15 inch laptops.

The Oryx Evo E’s 5 adjustment angle settings range from 30 to 44 degrees, remaining very easy to adjust and setup. Once set up, Your laptop stand will double as a document holder, with its built in support.

The Standivarius Oryx Evo E is a high elevation laptop stand, this makes it a perfect companion for laptops with a low opening angle. The design of the Oryx Evo E remains strong and sturdy while only being 2.5mm thick and 280g in weight. This means you will barely notice the addition to your laptop bag.

The Standivarius Oryx Evo E only requires a small on desk footprint, making it ideal when travelling for work, as the Oryx Evo E can fit on some of the smallest hotel desks. With its integrated document holder, your documents can be on the laptop stand too, reducing the desk space you need and improving your posture.

Raising the top of your screen to eyes level insures an improved ergonomic posture. Within just a few hours of using the Standivarius Oryx Evo E, you can feel an ease in neck and upper back strains. Research has shown that extensive use of Oryx Evo E stand, along with a keyboard and mouse further reduces strain in the shoulders, arms and wrist.

  • Model: Oryx Evo E
  • Colours available: Natural aluminium
  • Net weight: 280g
  • Size: 360mm x 206mm 2.5 mm
  • Angle adjustment:30 to 44 degrees
  • Inclination adjustments: 5 options