Standivarius Surface Pro Laptop Stand

£58.86 ex Vat

  • Specifically designed for the Microsoft Surface Pro.
  • Lightweight at only 230g and folds flat.
  • Stable for touchscreen use.
  • 3 height settings, ranging from 400mm to 440mm.
  • Use with or without ‘type cover’ attached.
  • Built with Standivarius’ guarantee of a high quality product.

Product Description

The Standivarius Surface Pro is especially developed and manufactured for Microsoft Surface Pro.

The Standivarius Surface Pro is a lightweight folding stand, which has been designed exclusively for use with the Microsoft Surface Pro (hybrid laptop). With 3 height adjustable settings the Surface Pro laptop stand, easily adjusts to help you find better posture at your workstation.

The height-adjustable design of the Standivarius Surface Pro, allows the Surface Pro screen to tilt using it’s integral kick-stand hinge.

The Standivarius Surface Pro laptop stand has been built to be stable for touch-screen use and works with or without the type-cover attached.

Raising the top of your screen to eyes level insures an improved ergonomic posture. Within just a few hours of using the Standivarius Surface Pro, you can feel an ease in neck and upper back strains.

  • STANDIVARIUS surface pro stand: for Microsoft Surface Pro
  • Size when folded flat: 331mm 206mm 2.5mm
  • Weight: 230g
  • Colour: natural aluminium
  • Screen height: 400 / 420 / 440mm