Putnams Superest Back Cushion

£54.72 ex Vat

  • Made in the UK.
  • 2 Year guarantee.
  • Supporting the spine and lower back, with built in lumbar support, Helping to improve your posture.
  • Cover included, with zip, allowing washing.
  • Suitable for home, office or car chairs.
  • Adjustable fixing strap.
  • Dimensions: 37cm x 39cm x 12cm (14.5″ x 15.5″ x 4 3/4″)

Product Description

Made in the UK the Putnams Superest is unlike a standard back support; the shaped sides hold the lateral muscles, giving double the support of any ordinary lumbar cushion. This helps improve your posture by keeping the spine straight instead of leaning or slouching to one side.

The Putnams Supereest can help many of us who are suffering with lower back pain, due to poor posture, while sitting down. The Superest simply fits between your back and the seat, with built in lumbar support, improving the natural ‘S’ shape of the spine.

The Superest is covered in matte velour, is lightweight and has an adjustable fixing strap, to secure your Putnams Superest to any seat you use it with.

The velour covers are zipped, allowing easy removal to wash the covers when needed.

The Putnams Superest is also available with a Memory Foam option (priced at £76.71 inc VAT). The Memory Foam Superest has the added benefits of moulding to your body’s contours for tailored support.

  • Length = 37cm (14.5”)
  • Width = 39cm (15.5”)
  • Depth = 12cm (4 ¾”)
  • Adjustable fixing strap
  • Suitable for home, office and car.