Virosafe Chair Cover

£30.00 ex Vat

  • Tough: With durable hard-wearing fabric, this Virosafe chair cover will keep your chair clean.
  • Fitted: Even chair arms can fit under the cover no problem.
  • Personalised: Optional personalised name tags available.
  • Tested: Virosafe have road and office tested these chair covers
  • Drawstring: With a drawstring Closure, the bag helps to keep dust and dirt away from the fabric seats.

Product Description

Produced and tested by our own Virosafe team! This is a durable and well stitched fabric cover to keep your chair clean and stop others using it when you are not at your workstation.

The drawstring cord closing bottom and velcro tie backs help you fasten the cover around your chair more efficiently, stopping dust from getting underneath the cover.

If your chair has arms, no problem, the cover can fit these in. The space for arms allows you to store items on your seat pad, out of sight from others, when you are not there.

Personalisation is also possible, with a name take which can be added to your cover.