Virosafe Ergonomic Laptop Kit – VSLK05

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  • The VSLK05 ergonomic laptop kit is an essential addition to your laptop bag, when you are creating a mobile ergonomic workstation for study or work.
  • Its compact nature allows you to create an ergonomic workstation, almost anywhere.
  • The VSLK05 is a 3 piece ergonomic laptop kit, which is fast and easy to set up, while remaining strong and reliable.
  • Lightweight at only 330grams, your adjustable Uprise Laptop stand with 9 adjustment angles folds flat to just 7mm.
  • The compact wireless keyboard with a Low travel, scissor-key structure, making the Standivarius Solo X an excellent typing experience.
  • The Accuratus Vertical Mouse wireless is a high-quality ergonomic mouse, which fits in your palm comfortably, while maintaining an upright position.
  • If you would like to mix and match an item of equipment for another, please contact us with your request and we will provide further information.Email: enquiries@virosafe
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Product Description

Are you working/studying from a laptop regularly? Do you travel for regularly working/studying from a laptop?

Then a mobile ergonomic laptop kit is an essential addition to your laptop bag, as it allows you to create an ergonomic workstation, anywhere.

The VSLK05 ergonomic Laptop Kit, is a complete wireless laptop kit for ergonomic work/study at home, in the office or on the move.

The Virosafe Ergonomic Laptop Kit – VSLK04 includes; laptop stand, wireless compact keyboard and wireless mouse.

The Ergonomic Cafe Uprise is different to most laptops stands; the Uprise is designed to vertically lift the whole laptop. This ensures that Uprise works with all laptops including laptops with a limited screen opening angle which can limit the height available on a standard laptop stand. The Uprise easily configures into an ergonomic laptop stand, lifting your laptop to a choice of 9 different settings, which approximately range from 140mm to 240mm. This is done using the Uprise’s unique and innovative Smart Set adjustment system. Once you choose a suitable setting, the Smart Set system will automatically adjust to your chosen setting, each time you open the stand, saving you time.

Using highly reliable wireless technology, at only 6 mm thick, weighing just 260 grams, the Standivarious Solo X wireless rechargeable keyboard is the perfect accompaniment for a worker looking for a compact, lightweight keyboard as an addition to their computer bag. The aluminium case keeping the keyboard strong and lightweight, with a travel sleeve to help protect the keyboard from scratches, when not in use.

The Acurratus Vertical Wireless Mouse guides the position of your hand to a handshake position and has RF 2.4Ghz wireless technology with a 10 metre range via the USB nano receiver. The high resolution 1600dpi optical sensor, helps to create an accurate smooth cursor movement while you work., enhanced by the smooth easy glide PTFE ‘Teflon’ feet and the 3 responsive tactile feed-back buttons including scroll wheel.

Due to the lightweight and compact nature of these products, you will barely notice the addition to your laptop bag, however with the benefits of this mobile ergonomic workstation, you can notice the increase of positive changes in your posture and productivity.

Ergonomic Café Uprise

  • Laptop size = Up to 17 inch
  • Height (when flat)= 338 mm
  • Width (when flat)= 250 mm
  • Depth (when flat)= 7 mm
  • Weight = 330 grams
  • Adjustment = 9 settings, with an approximate range between 140 mm and 240 mm

Standivarious Solo X

  • Plug & play = Yes
  • Width = 309 mm
  • Height = 111 mm
  • Depth = 6 mm
  • Weight = 260 gr
  • Connection = Wireless
  • Rechargeable = Yes, with micro USB

Accuratus Vertical Mouse

  • Number of buttons = 3
  • Resolution (cursor speed) = 800dpi
  • Plug & play = Yes
  • Connectivity= RF 2.4Ghz Wireless
  • Range= 10m via USB nano receiver
  • Width = 70 mm
  • Length = 125mm
  • Height = 72 mm
  • Weight = 200 gr
  • Hand = Righthanded

If you would like to mix and match an item of equipment for another, please contact us with your request and we will provide further information.

Email: enquiries@virosafe