Virosafe Assessments

Standard DSE Workstation Assessment

One of our assessors will visit your site to conduct a check of the DSE workstation or simple problem-solving assessment with your employee.  They will discuss the employee’s role, workstation, and musculoskeletal issues  The assessor will make any changes they can to the existing workstation whilst on site. You will then receive a simple report focusing on the suitability of the existing workstation, description of the issues experienced and any recommendations for additional equipment or changes that may help to solve the problem.

Virosafe Assessments
Virosafe Assessments

Workplace Assessment

This assessment encompasses far more than a basic DSE assessment. The report with include medical information, information regarding the employees’ job role, shift patterns etc, anatomical measurements and workplace information considering any possible health and safety implications. These assessments can be conducted in a wide variety of locations such as workshops, retail outlets, offices, distribution centres and warehouse, schools, and colleges

Remote DSE Workstation Assessment

This choice is perfect for home workers or members of staff who are self-isolating. The assessment will be conducted over the telephone or video call, we would ask that some images of the current workstation set-up and measurements are provided, so that, we are able to provide you with a report detailing improvements to set-up, possible hazards/risks, advice on posture and suggested equipment if required.

This service has a reduced waiting time and is fully in line with all current government guidelines concerning the COVID-19 pandemic..

Virosafe Assessments
Virosafe Assessments

PAT Testing

Portable Appliance Testing or PAT is a term used to describe the routine examination of electrical equipment such as, fridges, computers, phone chargers etc. Many electrical defaults can be detected through a visual examination; however, some defects can only be detected through testing such as PAT. To establish whether an appliance is suitable electrical items need to have a PAT test carried out on them. This is good way for business owners and landlords to meet their legal obligation to maintain a high standard of electrical safety in offices or rented property.

Virosafe can offer fast and affordable PAT testing across most of the UK, our standard callout charge is £100, this includes your first 50 items, after this each additional PAT test will be charged at £1.

For any further enquiries please do not hesitate to get in touch…

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